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Velocity climbing

A lot has been happening lately! I managed to paint two more pictures for the Entropy series I've been doing.

How to Feel Welcome Again

It Isn't Like Her to Fall Apart Like That
I submitted everything for consideration just a few days ahead of the deadline. The show I'm hoping to get into is From These Hills, a group exhibition at the William King Museum. That was my primary motivation while working on these, as I think I said. I should hear back by mid-August whether or not I'll make it in. Here's my artist statement that I submitted with the paintings and a copy of Debris Field:

Entropy is inevitable. Everything breaks down and everything we do contributes to it. These paintings are about applying entropy to emotional states, how they can alter us and our surroundings. It was an opportunity to do more surrealistic work, and choosing to primarily use watercolors and ink helped maintain a sense of immediacy while also contributing to the entropic theme. The nude figures are a subject I’ve been focusing on for the past year and a half through life drawing, emphasizing vulnerability and our relationship with our environment. The geometric and polygonal shapes and focus on colored lines were inspired largely by a videogame called Rez Infinite, and illustrates how things break down.

Getting these done in time was quite a load off my shoulders. I've been thinking about just how much stress I put on myself by taking on projects like these, and how I need to handle things better. I always talk about pushing myself too hard and burning out, and this was definitely on that same track. Gotta dial it back.

Next in line: finishing the comic I've been doing with Danny Djeljosevic. I just finished inking the final page today, even! Won't be much longer before we can show you some stuff! After that, I'm going to devote myself to working on a new webcomic. No idea when anything from that will see the light of day. I want it ready to launch this year, but, you know, see above about pushing myself. Not to mention, after doing large watercolor and ink paintings, I want to continue doing fine art, but now I want to try a different direction. Goauche on canvas, maybe? We'll see.

There have been a couple figure drawing parties this month, with another lined up for this Sunday. I didn't get to draw much at one since I wound up being the primary model, but I have started playing some with watercolors, which is a real challenge under a time limit.

At the other one, we had quite a variety of models, so I got to go wild and play around a whole lot.

Posting some of these on Instagram led to someone wanting to commission me to draw them nude as an anniversary gift for their husband. It fell through for some reason, but I didn't realize that that was something you could do? I wonder how you could advertise something like that. I love figure drawing, and being able to make money from it would be incredible.

Oh yeah: after two years of abandonment, I briefly returned to Reflected Gaze to write one last blog post. It's a weird personal thing about using nudity as a form of self care, as well as just trying to be more open and true to myself, and there's a picture with my butt in it, so maybe don't click on that link if you're not interested in seeing that.

RobCon was this past weekend, and I felt weird and uneasy about it, having not done any other shows this year besides the Asheville Zine Fest. I took a bunch of old toys of mine to sell alongside my work, having just rounded them up from my parents' basement. Had I not done that, this would've absolutely been my worst RobCon since 2013. I kept making jokes that the toys would sell better than my work, which luckily, and just barely, wasn't true. I drew a whole series of sketch cards for this show and only sold some that people specifically requested online, and only did a few small sketches on Saturday. Only a few prints sold, but Debris Field and the reprint of Slimepunk did okay. I feel like I need to make some changes and shake things up next year so I can do better.

But hey, I got to see a bunch of friends, someone brought me food both days, and I bought far more kaiju toys than I expected to. It's always a good time, no matter how well I do or what that anxious hum in my brain tells me.

The Johnson City Zine Fest is next month, and I'm definitely looking forward to it. I hope it does well.

Okay. Deep breath. I think that's everything. But there's clearly more to do. Keep doing whatever it is you do, help your friends and others when you can, and make sure to take care of yourself too. I'll see you later, yeah?

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