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Surviving just isn't enough

Hello! Things are about to kick off and get super busy, so I'm gonna try to make this quick.

I moved into my new house at the end of August and have been here for a month now. The closest thing we had to an actual housewarming party was figure drawing early in September, and that was when I stopped feeling out of sorts and it really started feeling like my home.

One of my paintings from the Emotive Environments show at Bloom Cafe sold! I took the show down on the 6th and mailed the painting to Georgia the next day. It's a nice feeling.

The Johnson City Zine Fest was AMAZING. It was my best show of the year, which is crazy to say. Things went well with the new How I Feel Human Zine, so much so that I've printed a handful more copies for upcoming events this month. I wrote a blog post about making it over on Reflected Gaze, if you're interested in reading that.

I spent most of September working on Cosmic Adventurer Slimepunk and not much else. The website is up and running, and I've been posting pages from the first issue, so go check that out. I've got one page left to draw of issue 2, which is much shorter, a few pages left to color, and the whole thing needs to be lettered after that. I'm trying to get myself on some kind of schedule for producing finished pages, but between the move and several other things, work on the comic has been all too sporadic.

My brain's been a bit messy lately. A lot of tangled thoughts sending me in different directions, and I haven't yet worked out how to untangle them and talk about the things that have been going on. Parts of it are family related, and parts of it involve a friendship that ended right before the start of the year, things that have happened since, how things have been recontextualized recently, and how it relates to the recent horrific news revolving around that judge that I unfortunately share a first name with.

One day I'll be able to articulate these things and make some sort of art out of it, but for now it's just a matter of not letting any of it overwhelm me and keep me from working and seeing people and such. I dunno. I try not to get TOO personal when I write these things most of the time, but I figured I should let folks know that I'm even more scatterbrained than usual lately.


I've mentioned before (I think) that I'm not participating in any daily art challenge for October this year. Six consecutive years was more than enough, and I no longer feel like I need to do it. I'm still proud of the work I did in previous years, which you can find in this portfolio here, along with the comic Shouting at the Void. I wish those who are participating this year, in Inktober, the Bill Counts October Game, or whatever else, good luck and hope they don't burn out and give up.

Not doing it doesn't make this month any less of a gauntlet, though. October 6th, this Saturday, is the first annual KapowCon at Virginia High School here in Bristol! The show is free, though donations are encouraged, as the show is supporting a nonprofit organization called Roots to STEM, put together by a couple of the organizers who I'm friends with. You should come check it out if you can!

The very next day I'm hosting figure drawing again, with a spooky occult theme in mind, sort of. I bought Batman underwear specifically for the occasion.

The next weekend, October 12th-14th, is Conapalooza at the Meadowview Convention Center in Kingsport! This is the con's second year, and it's the final big multi-day show that I'm doing this year.

The weekend after THAT is Frag-O-Ween on October 20th at the Model City Event Center in Kingsport! This one will probably be the most fun of the three: there will be free food, drinks, and music, and about 40 or so artists are setting up altogether! It's gonna be a blast. You HAVE to RSVP to the Facebook event in the link as Going in order to get in, so DO THAT NOW.

I've been doing a lot of work preparing for all three shows since I won't really have much time in between to restock things. I'm cranking out more social justice kaiju buttons, I've gotten stickers printed to sell, and I reordered copies of Cosmic Adventurer Slimepunk #1. 

I'll have two more shows left this year after these: the Asheville Comic Expo returns on November 10th, and FRAG will have their annual Holiday Bizarre in early December.

I'm tired, but this has also been one of my most successful years ever as an artist. I can manage five more shows, right? I think so.

I know things are rough, the news is horrible, people are ugly, and some days all you can do is stay afloat. But hey, you've made it this far. Nothing's killed you yet. Keep at it, I'm rooting for you. Take care.

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