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Spring Movement

Spring is here! Even though it snowed the other day. The back and forth weather patterns have been dizzying and hard to keep up with, much like a bunch of other things I've got going on in life right now.

First off: this Saturday, April 21st, is the VHCC Comic Con from 10am-4pm, free to the public. I'll be a guest there, and from 1-2 I'm going to be on a panel with Gary Kwapiz and my pal Jeremy Massie talking all about making comics.

Which is going to be just a little weird, considering I haven't gotten to work on any comic stuff this year. The webcomic is sitting and waiting for me to finish all these paintings I'm still working on. BUT, I've got All of This Will Crumble, Debris Field, and the Cosmic Adventures of Slimepunk reprinted for this show, so you should come out and pick something up! I also have ONE copy of Other Sleep left, and I don't have plans on reprinting it.

All the paintings I'm doing now are for the show I'm still hoping to have at the Bristol Public Library. I know May was my target, but that's looking less likely now. Either way though, I'm ALSO going to be doing a show at Bloom Cafe in August! It's a relief knowing that I have more time to prepare for that one.

I'm still sitting on a bunch of commission work that I can't share yet, too. If you'd like to commission me for a mutant portrait, painting, or any professional work, I now have a page set up with my rates and such, so check that out. I'm getting a house later this year, so I could use any extra money I can get.

OH, speaking of Bloom! Bodies in Bloom was a success! A whole lot of people came out for figure drawing! I was a nervous wreck the whole time, so I only got maybe a couple drawings I don't hate, but it was a whole lot of fun and went really smoothly. We had 3 killer models, each with different outfits, and they did 24 poses altogether. The people who run Bloom thought it was awesome and want me to do it again, so I've got to remember to talk to them this week about maybe hosting in June or July, before my show goes up.

I also hosted our usual private figure drawing meet-up this past weekend, which was great. Holding these monthly so far has been fantastic. I've added a handful of new sketches to the Figure Drawing portfolio, if you wanna see them.

There's a lot more coming up: Rob-Con, Conapalooza, Johnson City Zine Fest, some holiday shows with FRAG, and probably some other stuff that I'm not remembering. There's a zine idea in my head that I'm eager to put together when I have the chance, and I'm hoping to have the first chapter of the new webcomic finished and printed before Rob-Con. We'll see how that goes.

OH RIGHT. I TURN 30 NEXT SUNDAY. That's weird. That'll end three months of nonstop painting and doing things, so I think I'm going to try to chill out a little and relax through May. I mean, I don't have much chill so I doubt it'll work out like that, but it'll be nice to have some free weekends and to maybe get to take a break from painting to work on other stuff, right?

How have I not burned out yet, come to think of it? I've done 17(!!) paintings since February, I've hosted 5 figure drawing get-togethers, been to multiple concerts, art shows, and birthday parties, I want to do figure drawing again on my own birthday because I'm insane, I'm having a damn house built...Geez...

I don't know. Taking a lot of baths helps. Naps and regular sleep, too. And being surrounded by so many amazing friends at all these things that I keep going to is incredible. Because so much of this wouldn't be possible without the friends I've made, for real. I wouldn't have a figure drawing group without them, I wouldn't be doing all these shows, and frankly, I would probably not be the person I am today. It's...kind of crazy to think about. I didn't get here on my own, not quite. I know some fantastic people, dang.

...Anyways, take care of yourselves, I've got more work to do!

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