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So many faces

October is over, and so I'm done drawing portraits of my friends and writing about them in an emotionally raw manner that I'm not used to. All told, I drew 33 within those 31 days, and since 12 of those were couples, that means I drew 45 people total. Err, well, 44, since I drew my girlfriend twice on her birthday.

So what did I learn this time, besides how to articulate my feelings? Well, the sheer number of friends I have with glasses means that I had no choice but to overcome a lousy hurdle, and now I'm not half bad at drawing them. I got quicker at noticing issues with proportions and placement of different elements, and in a few cases got more expressive with my use of color, so I definitely feel like I've grown a little more as an artist from all that practice.

I succeeded at my goal, I think. Most of my friends really appreciated the drawings and what I said about them, and it helped me realize just how many people I know who are just really great people. What's more exciting, is that this month my girlfriend and at least one other friend have decided to write everyday about a friend who they're thankful for, inspired in some small part by my effort. Being sick of all the despair in my social media feeds, this is great to see and I hope more people follow suit.

This marks the...fourth? No, the fifth year in a row that I've pulled off this daily art challenge. I think I said this last time, but there's no longer any question of whether or not I can pull it off, I undoubtedly can. It's now just a matter of finding different ways to challenge myself and continue to grow as an artist. As always, exhaustion really kicked in during that final week, especially when I was in between an art show and a trip out of town. 

ANYWAYS. Other stuff:

The final Bristol Bizarre was on the 22nd, and it was a really good time. I only sold one of the skulls that I drew for it, and none of the nudes I drew sold, so that was a bummer, but I still made decent money that night and had fun with a big group of friends. A bit before that, I met up with some people from FRAG to check out the gallery space where we'll be having this year's Holiday Bizarre show in Kingsport, which will be on December 3rd. I'll have more details on that soon, probably. Tomorrow we're meeting to talk about the show and do some more figure drawing, which I'm really looking forward to.

Also, I'm in this month's issue of a local art paper called A! Magazine for my work in the Cherry Bounce Show at the William King. My name is on the cover, and I'm interviewed inside. I'm glad they made sense of my rambling. Makes me feel more legit.
I should really get better, newer pictures of myself taken though, shouldn't I?

Um, beyond those things? I don't know. It's back to work on comic stuff that I'm still not ready to talk about yet. SORRY.

Oh, and I drew Godzilla's weird baby form from Shin Godzilla, I really love that big dumb precious baby:
That's it I guess. Take care of yourselves! 

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