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November has come

Which means that the October Game is over and done with! I survived! I managed to create a new piece of art every day of the month! Thirty one new pieces! And I threw them in a gallery over here! Go check them out!
Here are some fun facts about my month of torment:

23 of the pieces were hand-drawn. Only one was a full-fledged watercolor painting. I tried my hand at digital painting for the first time with one of the pieces, with maybe some success? All but one of the hand-drawn pieces were inked. The one that wasn't is just raw pencil, with a couple stains from sweet and sour sauce. There are at least three pieces that I had almost completed drawing before deciding to abandon them and do something else. I got pretty desperate towards the end in coming up with ideas and trying new things. 

In the long run, there are more than a few that aren't as successful as I would have liked, but I'm pretty proud of how things turned out all around. Even when I got lazy, I was still at least trying to do something different, and with the exception of the stupid number of pieces that involved astronauts or space technology or some such, I don't think I really repeated myself any more than once or twice on occasion. Most of the digital pieces came about because I just couldn't draw to save my life that day. Except for this one, which I'm REALLY happy with:
You can view the artwork of the other artists over here on the Facebook page. In all, it looks like there were 32 people participating, and out of those it looks like 16 of us managed to finish. The quality is all over the place, there's a lot of stuff that caused me to say curse words and hit my head on the wall, but there were a few really talented people who were in on it too. There least two...that really irked me a lot, because I was putting everything I had into it and going nuts and I know for sure those two were hacks and on multiple occasions were just posting old work. Alas, the rules as they were initially given were not adhered to at all, so a number of people were late and never got removed from the game or anything...

...Maybe I took it too seriously. Maybe I shouldn't have been as competitive as I was, but I didn't want to half-ass any of my work (even though I did on some of the days where I just wasn't feeling it), and I guess I felt like I had something to prove. This was a challenge for myself, an attempt at further artistic growth. I guess not everyone saw it that way, but that's how I approached it.
 I figured that, with it finally over, I'd take a break for a few days and let myself recharge a bit before going back to work on the highly neglected Other Sleep. However, that's not happening and today I'm back to work on a flyer for an upcoming punk show, and also sowing the seeds for something potentially big...which I'm afraid I can't talk about just yet.

Anyways, check out all 31 pieces in the gallery, let me know what you think, which ones you love, which ones you hate, you know, fun stuff like that. Any and all feedback is very much appreciated.

Hopefully I'll be able to blog a bit more regularly on here in the future, but I've said that before, haven't I?

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