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March March March March

I keep having people at work make jokes about how February just flew by, and all I can do is stare off in the distance. I mean, it makes sense, it's the shortest month of the year, but man, for me, it felt like February lasted FOREVER.

The last blog post I did was January 31st, where I shared a painting I'd just finished and talked about having a show at Gypsy Circus Cider Company. Over the course of February I did SIX more paintings.

Amidst working on those paintings, I was called on at the last minute to attend ETSU-Con, literally the day before the con. I frantically gathered all of my things up, maybe foolishly decided to crank out some social justice kaiju buttons and prints, and returned to one of my favorite cons that I'd missed out on the last two years. 

I was an exhausted wreck, but it was absolutely worth it, as that weekend turned out to be the second best con I've ever done. I have very few copies of my books left, and after the first day I had to run and get more prints made because I nearly sold out of some of those. It was an exhilarating experience after last year's fairly mediocre shows.

Oh, before that I hosted a Valentine's Day themed figure drawing meet-up, which was a lot of fun.

So...yeah. February was exhausting. It'll take time to recover from all of that.

March is...kind of insane too. I got new glasses, went to an awesome punk show, cranked out some sticker designs, and probably a few other things I've forgotten at this moment.

My show at Gypsy Circus went up yesterday, 12 paintings altogether, where they'll be up through April 3rd. Yesterday was also their Arts and Crafts night, so I got to set up and sell some of my work as well. It wasn't much of a crowd, understandable for a cold Wednesday night where it kept flurrying, but a few friends came to hang out, the drinks were great, I got to pet some wonderful dogs, and I sold enough things to stop at Target on the way home and buy a copy of Thor: Ragnarok, which I'm definitely watching tonight after I take a long bath.

I'm relieved that it's done. But there's still so much more: I need to dive back in to the webcomic, which I didn't get to work on at all during all that painting. I can finally polish and put up a Commissions page on here, too. I'm hosting figure drawing again this Sunday! And then I have something else going on every weekend for the rest of the month!

(I'm so tired)

OH, speaking of figure drawing: on April 3rd (yes, the last day of my show), I'm hosting a PUBLIC figure drawing event at Bloom Cafe in downtown Bristol! I made a flyer for it and everything!

I'm really excited about this. If it goes well, we may do more there in the future on top of the regular Defining Bodies meet-ups.

(a couple people who work at Bloom also want me to have a show there, so that is a likely thing to happen)

I still haven't heard back from the library about my show proposal there. Fingers are still crossed.

Oh, I can reveal the album cover I did for my friend Marcus Bunch's debut solo album, Heartworn Hero!
I also did the back cover, art for the CD itself, and a couple stickers based off this cover and the CD art! The album should be available TOMORROW on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc!

Finally, I added another show to my slate this week: Virginia Highlands Community College is holding their own little convention on April 21st, and I will be a guest there! Here's a Facebook event for it, and here's the page for the con itself.

...Is that everything? Am I leaving anything out? No, I think that's everything. I've also got a pretty big life change thing going on this year, but I want to continue to keep quiet about that for now.

I need some rest, so I'm going to go do that now. Take care of yourselves.

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