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Maintaining stability

Hello. Things have been bumpy. Not everything, just a few things.

I've pretty much only been working on Slimepunk lately. We're more than halfway through issue four right now, unless you're subscribed to one of the higher tiers on my Patreon, where I posted the entire finished issue just last week, along with a process post this week for one of its pages. I've got some new prints coming soon for it plus some other things. I'll probably do what I did last time and take a break once issue 4 ends, especially since I've not really started on issue 5 yet, oops.

There's also the Faerie Ishee minicomic, being serialized exclusively on Patreon for now. It's, visually, a bit different from Slimepunk because I wanted to aim for a more illustrative feel with the backgrounds. I did make the first page free, so here it is:
I'm halfway through serializing it, too. I finished drawing the final page of it the other day, and I'm trying to finish coloring and lettering it this week so I can send it off to print ASAP. All Patreon subscribers will get a free PDF when it's done and people at the $10 level or higher will get a free physical copy mailed to them!

Oh, I should make some Faerie Ishee buttons, too.

I'm trying to hammer these things out quickly because next month will be kinda busy. I'm signed up for two shows at the end of June: on the 22nd I'll be a guest at LibCon III, hosted by the Johnson City Public Library! The show has a cosmic sci-fi theme, and that morning I'll be giving a talk on Slimepunk, focused on my worldbuilding process, inspiration, generating ideas, that sort of thing. And June 29th and 30th will be Rob-Con!

There was a third show the week before those, but I just backed out of it last night. It's never an easy decision to make, but a certain requirement for the show was just too difficult for me to pull off and it was causing me a lot of stress. I still feel pretty shaky about it, but I'm sure it'll be good for me in the long run.

It also means planning figure drawing for next month will be a little easier too. I'm excited for our May meet-up this weekend, though it feels like this year I've just kinda been on autopilot and not really pushing myself much. I feel dopey plugging my Patreon again, but there's a subscription tier where you get to see me post all of my drawings from each session with random commentary, if that interests you. That's kinda why that particular portfolio hasn't been updated at all lately.

Oh, I did find time to do another Social Justice Kaiju. This time it's Space Godzilla:

It felt particularly relevant and important for me to do this because this year I really have been exploring my more feminine side and trying to break away from traditional, masculine standards. I've taken up sewing, cooking more, and most recently have started wearing dresses. It's fun and cool and it feels good to be doing these things, although there are some days where I don't feel like I have as solid a grasp on myself as I used to. Going out in public has taken on an extra level of anxiety, too, which was to be expected. I'm figuring it out, though, and I'll hopefully feel a lot more stable about it before the end of the year.

I think that's it. Take care of yourselves, do what's best for you, and just keep at it.

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