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Everything happens so much

Oh, I forgot to write anything in May! Sorry. A lot has been happening.

First off, I have a show up at the Bristol Public Library called They Were Here Before Us. I put it up on May 1st, and it'll be there until June 30th, so there's still plenty of time to check it out!

For most of the month after hanging the show, I've been back to work on the new Slimepunk comic. As of today, I finally have the first chapter completely drawn, including a new cover. My goal is to have it colored and lettered by later this month, so I can get it printed before Rob-Con at the end of next month! I'm still planning on releasing it as a webcomic, but I need to work out a schedule and where to host it. I need to do research, but I feel like Tapas would get it in front of a pretty big audience, otherwise I may just set up a Tumblr and attach a domain to it. Who knows! I'll figure it out soon, hopefully.

Next Friday I'll be at Model City Event Center in Kingsport with 19 other fellow FRAG artists, showing and selling some of my work there in a show coinciding with a new exhibition by Nashville artist Dennis Greenwell. Here's the Facebook event for that if you want more information.

Things are kind of on hold right now with Defining Bodies. I've got too many things going on this month to host, and I THINK my new house will be finished sometime next month, so there's a lot going on with that. Hannah and Joe hosted a tropical themed get-together in May, which I modeled for part of, and that was a blast, but it looks like our monthly streak is coming to an end now.

Some more updates will be coming to this site soon, I've got a dear friend who's writing something up for me to add on here that I'm really looking forward to. There are other things I'd like to get too.

Speaking of which: the secret paintings I did back in March are now public as part of the Kickstarter campaign for a really cool synthesizer that a friend of mine designed! You can check it out here, and the paintings are all in my portfolio now! It's cool to see that it's already reached its goal in just under a week!

(I've got a different Kickstarter coming up soon too, by the way. Will let you know more when it goes live!)

I'm about ready to start painting again for the August show I'll have at Bloom Cafe, so you'll be seeing more about that soon too!

Other things coming up: Rob-Con is July 27-29, Johnson City Zine Fest is August 25, Conapalooza is October 12-14, and there are going to be two more FRAG shows, one in late October and another in December!

Shew. That's a lot going on. But right now my top priority is Slimepunk, so I gotta get back to coloring! Take care!

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