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Endless juggling


Let's take a moment.


And take stock of everything I've pulled off lately:

My new show, Emotive Environments, is up at Bloom until September 6th. The opening reception didn't have a huge turnout, but I'm grateful to those who showed up, and I managed to sell a lot of books and prints, making more than I made on the first day of Rob-Con. I feel like Bloom is the best place for those paintings, and I'm so happy to have them hanging there. It's my third solo show this year, and most likely final because it turns out doing three solo shows and creating new paintings for all of them is an exhausting experience. While it was incredible, given how I wanted to have at least one show this year, I uh, don't recommend it.

Figure drawing at Mockingbird Listening Room and Gallery in late July was a lot of fun, and I can now say I've been nude in an art gallery, which makes my nudist soul happy. An August meeting isn't really possible, but hopefully we'll get to hang out and draw again next month.

Rob-Con was fine. Not my best year, but not my worst. I bought multiple Godzillas, the first Power Rangers toy I owned as a kid, and a Zeo Megazord, so that rules. I also saw some friends for the first time in years, which was also great, and got to spend time with other friends who I don't see too often.

The first issue of Cosmic Adventurer Slimepunk sold pretty well both at Rob-Con and the art reception! It's also available on ComiXology if you prefer your comics digitally, and after the Johnson City Zine Fest next weekend, I'll put remaining copies up on my Gumroad page. The second issue is coming along. It's shorter, so I've already got it halfway drawn, but I'm behind on coloring and haven't even started lettering. I also haven't worked on the website much at all, and need to make buttons and things for that. For now, there's a Facebook page where I've posted occasional news and character profiles.

The Kickstarter for BattleArc 2088 was a success! We made $1300 altogether, almost twice our goal, with 78 backers total! Danny is waiting for the money to come through so he can order the books. I've been cranking out buttons to go to a large number of those backers, put together a PDF of concept art and process stuff, and have been getting ready to do sketches for certain backers as well! I can't wait for this comic to get out into the world and people's hands.

MY HOUSE IS ALMOST READY. I've been going over there after work about 4 or 5 days a week since the beginning of July to help my dad work on it and get things finished up. We ordered appliances and the plumber came this week. I'll be moving in around first week of September, I think! It's finally happening and I'm dizzy from it. I need to finish packing and clean up the apartment.

Finally, as mentioned before, Johnson City Zine Fest is next Saturday, August 25th! I just finished up a quick new zine for it called How I Feel Human. It's 8 pages, and it's all about nudity and anxiety. More specifically, it's about why I'm a nudist and how it helps with my anxiety. I put it together fairly quickly, in a style somewhat influenced by Ashley Wood's comic illustration, like his work on Zombies Vs Robots. It's loose, it came together quickly, but it was still tough due in large part to how intensely personal it is.

I doubt many people are going to want to read it, so I'm not printing many copies at all. I needed to make it though, if only to better understand how to articulate my feelings on these things. I'm really excited for JCZF regardless of how it sells, it's become one of my favorite shows to do.

And that's it. Still so many things going on, but it feels like a lot has slowed down since I made it through Rob-Con and my art show. I'm trying to take more time to relax while I can before moving into the house and getting to work on everything for the Kickstarter. I do have three shows in October, but I've got time before I need to worry about those.

Take care, stay safe, and I'll see you all again soon, yeah?

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