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December's Over

The year is at an end. It feels like it's gone on forever.

Over the course of 2018, I attended and sold my work at twelve different events. Seven were conventions, three were FRAG shows, and two were receptions for my own art. I had three solo art shows too, and my figure drawing group Defining Bodies met up eleven times altogether, including our public event at Bloom Cafe. I hosted seven of those meetups in my own home.

I did 34 paintings this year, more than half of which were done for those art shows. Over the course of those eleven Defining Bodies meetups plus one FRAG get-together, I did well over 130 figure drawings. I also got back to work on Cosmic Adventurer Slimepunk and did my minicomic zine How I Feel Human. Between those two, I've drawn 42 comic pages this year.

I finished and released the first issue of Slimepunk in July. I made and released How I Feel Human in August, I think, and sold every copy I printed. I finally sold out of my remaining copies of Other Sleep and the Nation Mutation Coloring Zine, and nearly sold out of Debris Field. I debuted a bunch of new prints from the paintings I'd done, which sadly weren't too successful. I started making and selling buttons, with the social justice kaiju being the big hit there, along with the stickers I started selling.

Also, the Kickstarter for mine and Danny Djeljosevic's comic BattleArc 2088 was a real success, making almost twice the amount of our modest goal. I just got my own copies of the book in the mail over the weekend, which I'll start selling soon! It was a long time coming, and I'm so happy it's out in the world now.

Amidst all of this, I finally got new glasses and my dad built me a brand new house which my girlfriend and I moved into at the end of August, among other, smaller milestones with my life.

I'm exhausted. It was a pretty big year, all things considered, but it still doesn't feel like much here at the end. Feels like I'm still just spinning my wheels. I couldn't have done much more, but I feel like I could've done better, you know? Looking at how I did at those twelve shows, only two or three really stick out as hugely successful while the others were kind of middling, and I want to change things up a bit to try and sell more in the future.

Plans are already underway for next year, though. Slimepunk will keep rolling along, I hope, and I have some spin-off things in mind to go with it like a Faerie Ishee minicomic and maybe a coloring book. I'm still going to try to do fine art, though not quite as much as this year, and in a different direction too. I hope to keep Defining Bodies moving as well, and need to try to plan our next meet-up soon. I want to sell more online, and do more commissions and professional work for people. I'll be teaching a comic workshop at the William King Museum in March, and presenting at the Johnson City Public Library's LibCon in June. I'm not so sure about other shows yet, but I'll always try to be involved with anything FRAG does, of course. They're currently plotting a potential spring show that sounds like it'll be wild fun.

That's already quite a bit to be excited about. So long as I keep working and don't idle, things should be okay. It's been a long, rough year, but we made it to the end, so surely we can make it through the next one as well, right?

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