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Bummed, but still working

I've been feeling kinda down lately.

Part of it was the weather changing: the moment it starts getting cold, my body and brain go haywire and I feel sick and lethargic and not much like myself.

Part of it is the bombardment of terrible news lately, just one awful thing after the next.

Part of it is personal family stuff I'm not going to talk about. Not yet.

Part of it is just exhaustion: doing three shows three weekends in a row last month, immediately after moving into a new house, was a lot of work.

Part of it is how those shows went: fine, but not great, which felt really disappointing after the amazing success of the Johnson City Zine Fest back in August. There were plenty of highlights, like my art sibling Maudlyn coming and staying with us the weekend of Frag-O-Ween, someone telling me at Conapalooza that Debris Field made them cry because it was exactly what they needed to read at the time, seeing some really good friends at KapowCon, things like that, but it's hard to shake off how underwhelming it felt to put so much work in and only do just okay.

And part of it was this past weekend's figure drawing party: it was the final meet-up for three of our members, who are all moving to Korea later this month. It was a short, kind of bittersweet get together where not much drawing happened. They've been a part of Defining Bodies since the very beginning, it was their encouragement that got things off the ground, and saying goodbye to them sucks a lot.

I'm tired, I'm sad, I hurt, but I'll keep going, because good things are happening too.

I updated my portfolio with some new kaiju art and paintings from the three shows I did earlier this year and never got around to sharing, so go look at those when you're done reading.

(and yes, I am nude in the new profile picture to the right. I feel like that shot does a pretty swell job of getting an idea of what kind of person I am? I dunno. I like it.)

I didn't do any daily art challenges for October, but a lot of my friends did, several of them trying it for the first time. It made me extremely happy to see them sharing their work, and I hope they keep it up even though the challenge is over.

Cosmic Adventurer Slimepunk is back on track after some hiccups, updating twice a week. The first issue will be coming to an end soon, I've got the second issue nearly completed with some minor edits to be done, and I'm already drawing and coloring issue 3. Spread the word, I'm hoping to pick up more steam with this.

Last week I was emailed about two killer opportunities for next year that I hope to be able to take and had a friend ask if they could interview me for a class assignment on Appalachian artists. Stuff like that helps me feel like I'm not just wasting time, it's gratifying.

My best friend is home after traveling the world and I got to see him today! I missed that guy.

I think everything's ready to go for BattleArc 2088. I mailed buttons and sketches to Danny a couple weeks ago, so everyone who backed the Kickstarter should be getting their rewards before long!

Oh, and the Asheville Comic Expo returns this Saturday! This is my penultimate show of the year, with FRAG's Holiday Bizarre happening on December 1st. I hope to see some of you there.

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