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Back in limbo

I'm back to being kinda directionless lately.

I finished up the comic I've been working on with Danny. We're doing last minute tweaks to it and figuring out how we're going to release it, so you'll be hearing about that soon. It's the biggest single project I've done since Other Sleep, and I can't wait for people to finally see it. Having been working on it for so long, it feels weird to finally be on the other side of things.

I also finished up a sketchbook I'd been working in for almost two years, and so started a new one. The first page is a self portrait and kind of a personal art manifesto:

Seems like the right way to begin things. Just trying to center myself and figure out what I wanna do.

This weekend is Bristol's Rhythm and Roots Festival, and FRAG is setting up again, but I won't be joining them. It was a last minute thing, I don't have my stuff together, I didn't do so well last year, I need to save money and stay at work, and uh, there aren't any acts this year that I'm interested in seeing. But hey, if you go, stop by and check out what they're doing!

Another thing: those paintings I did? That show that I applied for? None of them got accepted. Over 60 people entered, and just over 20 got accepted, I think? It is what it is. I'm trying not to be too bummed about it, but...I dunno.

Between that and not doing so well at Rob-Con or the Asheville Zine Fest, I'm wondering what I need to do. My work is...kinda weird and niche, I guess? My comics aren't really the kind of thing most people go to comic shows for, I still find difficulty describing them, and the stuff I do that's more fine art, my paintings and stuff, still have this comicky feel to them that doesn't really fit in with a gallery setting. I struggle to fit in any time I set up somewhere. I just don't know what to do to try to appeal to more people, I guess? Maybe my work is too broadly ranged?

I was going to try to paint more, but, well, not making it into that show was pretty discouraging, so, I don't know.

I want to try to put together another figure drawing party soon, but I keep getting distracted and discouraged about that too. Urg.

I do have something I'm going to focus more on soon: I'm chipping away at a new webcomic. I've got the first arc roughed out. The first chapter of it is fully written and thumbnailed, and I'm working on the same for the second chapter. The art above is a monster that appears in the first chapter. It'll very much be a return to what I was doing with Cannonball Fist, and will probably even include some characters from that! It should be a lot of fun. I think I want to set up a Patreon alongside it, but the fear with that is that I just don't have a big enough audience to make anything from it if I do one. Who knows.

Also, next month is October, and you know what that means: DAILY ART CHALLENGE! My plan this year is to draw witches and monsters, alternating day by day. I've been brainstorming, accumulating reference, and gearing up.
The Johnson City Zine Fest was a few weeks back, and it was a blast. Definitely the best show I've done this year, though uh, I only did two other shows this year so that's not saying MUCH, but...I did well, it was a good time, there was live music that was great, and I picked up a lot of cool zines from people. If it's the last public thing I do this year, it's a good one to finish out on.

But yeah. A lot's up in the air right now. And the sudden shift to chilly fall weather has messed with me, making me sick and kind of bummed out, neither of which are helping with this.

For now, I guess I'll stick to limbo, and use this time floating aimlessly to continue catching up on a backlog of TV, movies, and comics and things, until I can pull myself together again. I don't want to get lethargic, but I gess it's okay to drift for a bit and relax.

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