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And we carry on


-Currently penciling pages for one collaborative comic. Once those are done, inking and coloring will commence. Got more script pages on the way, too.
-I finished the outline for another collaborative comic. There's still some design work to do with the other artist, then scripting and thumbnailing, then drawing the thing for real.
-I've cracked into another outline for a different comic which someone else will illustrate. There are a number of big roadblocks, but a few have fallen away, which is good.
-I've finally started scripting the next Slimepunk mini that's been in my head for most of the year, spurred by reading the Super Mario Bros Adventures comic as well as Ranma 1/2 for the first time. The cover's drawn, concept stuff is happening, with thumbnails to follow. It'll be drawn digitally like the last one. The practice on the Yiynova tablet is long overdue.
-My girlfriend put the idea in my head to do a Slimepunk and Faerie Ishee holiday card. It's a good idea, hopefully I can do it. 
-I'm nearly finished painting a commission for a friend. After that, I have a tattoo design to work on for someone else.

Both the 2016 portfolio and Figure drawing portfolio have been updated. The FRAG figure drawing meeting a couple weekends back was really good.
Another one with my own group and the same model is scheduled for next Sunday, with a theme that's more emotional and personal to her.

The week after that, Dec. 3, is FRAG's Holiday Bizarre:
It's a private event like last time. If you want in, call or email like the flyer says, OR go to the Facebook event here. I'm excited. Please come check it out and buy some weird art from us. Weird art makes for great Christmas gifts, trust me. Plus, free food and drink! Bodypainting! Music! How could you pass on that?

All of these things going on, plus more that I can't really talk about right now. Feels like I'm running from something, but I'm hopeful.

Take care of yourselves. Take care of each other. No matter what, we must carry on.

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