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Always without armor

Some time back, March maybe, I mentioned starting on a new series of paintings. I don't think I've shared them here yet, but they've got a lot in common with what I was going for in Debris Field. Here's what I've got so far:

Forever, Her Gaze
Personification of the abyss, like staring across the room at someone you're crushing on.

Shaped From Her Tears
The weight of depression.

Exhaustion From Every Direction
Too much happening at once.

Always Without Armor
Feeling vulnerable all the time.

When She Scatters
Pulled in every direction, unable to keep up and collect your thoughts.

The ideas for these developed almost simultaneously alongside Debris Field, so I had the same theme in mind: entropy. There's a page in DF about emotions and the different kinds of energy they produce, how it can't be contained. So that's what I'm trying to get at with these, having been riding across the emotional spectrum like a raw nerve all year and watching my friends have similar experiences.

They're all big, 18x24 inches, with the exception of Armor, which is only 9x12. The goal is to have enough of these done to submit for an upcoming group show at the William King Museum, the deadline being late next month. I need 6 total to submit, but I want to crank out more than that to have more choices to work with. Fingers crossed, but even if nothing makes it in, doing these has been really good for me. I'm trying a lot of new things and it's a really nice change of pace from everything else I've been doing lately. They're such a different challenge, and I really do enjoy working with watercolors. It's also nice playing with surrealism for the first time in a long time, and working in those elements from Rez Infinite like I've been wanting to do.

My figure drawing group's first anniversary was in May, but we couldn't get together until a couple weeks ago, our first party since February, and good times were had. We've already got the next party lined up for July. I'm so proud of this little group. It's such a great thing to be part of.

I'm in the home stretch on the cyberpunk comic I've been working on with Danny Djeljosevic since last year. Only 10 pages left to draw and color! Since the surgery in April I've managed to get caught up on the rest and this is all that remains. I'm excited to finish and actually share it! It's been quite a journey.

I already know what I'm doing next once it's wrapped up. I'm already laying groundwork and doing a lot of worldbuilding stuff for it. It's going to be great, I hope.

And I haven't been quite on it this year like I was in 2016, but kaiju fanart is still happening. Here's a skullcrawler from Kong: Skull Island:

And here's Majaba, which I painted for a friend using my own toy as reference:

HeroesCon was this past weekend. It feels incredibly weird that I didn't go, even having made the decision not to much earlier this year. Usually my mind is consumed during the weeks leading up to it, but this year I kept forgetting it was even happening until I'd see someone bring it up on social media, and watching a number of friends and artists I know posting from the con itself is such an odd feeling. You'd think it'd be fine, missing so many shows this year, but it feels kind of wrong not freaking out over any upcoming shows.

Rob-Con is at the end of July, and I wouldn't miss it for the world. The next Johnson City Zine Fest is in August. I don't think I'm doing anything else unless FRAG puts anything together. Again, I should be enjoying this lack of show-related stress in my life, but it just feels off. Maybe next year will prove to be more eventful.

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