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Always seeking to survive and flourish

We're well into 2017 now. Things are weird and not very pleasant. But still, we move and we work and we do what we can.

I spent a lot of January trying to reel things in and get some perspective. I don't have much to show, as far as art goes, but I did do a logo design for a friend's Etsy store, took on some commissions, and sold some things. I hosted the first figure drawing party of the year and I'm set to host another this weekend. I cleaned and organized my apartment in a meticulous and obsessive manner, got a better handle on my social media accounts, and started a new tumblr that serves as a journal and quiet spot to try some expressive body photography stuff, which I've only given the link to a few people.

I made the new banner for this site last week. I think it's a good start for where I want to take my art this year, the things I want to explore. Here's the full piece without the text:

I'm still chipping away at some comic projects, but my big focus this year will be on figure drawing and painting. I'm going to try to get my work into more galleries if I can, and sell more original work. We'll see how it goes.

I'm exercising regularly again and I'm on my 24th day in a row of being back into yoga. That's been a massive help for me, not only physically but mentally too. It helps me relax and unwind, and my arm and shoulders have really benefited from it as well. Rez Infinite on the PS4 has also been good for my brain.
So here's some other work:

And here's a thing I did about myself:
Next weekend I should be at ETSUcon, sharing a table with Joe Culp. On May 7th, I'll be at the Asheville Zine Fest, sharing a table with Nerve Endings frontman, writer, and old friend Sterlin Hammond. I'll most likely be at Rob-Con again on July 29th and 30th. Beyond those, I don't know what'll happen or what I'll be doing.

It still feels like I'm floating in limbo, but I'm figuring out a path to get back on. I have no idea what this year will hold for me, there are too many things going on that I have no control over. That's scary, but I can't let it paralyze me. Gotta just keep going, no matter what.

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